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Powerhouse Alabama Football Loses finally in dramatic finish

Posted on Dec 1, 2013 by in Sports | 0 comments


Alabama is no longer the top team in college football. With a loss to Auburn which ended on a missed field goal return for a touchdown it is sure to be a game that’s remembered by everyone involved including the fans who scoured the field for a long time. Beating the Alabama Crimson Tide is no easy task.

Powerhouse Alabama Football Loses finally in dramatic finish

Alabama has basically had a strangle hold on college football for several years. Along with multiple championships they are the cream of the crop when you talk about the best and most talented team in all of college football. Coach Nick Saban is a football mastermind and consistently recruits the top high school talent to come play for Alabama on a yearly basis. However, on November 30th 2013, the previously ranked #4 Auburn Tigers have carved their name among the elite. The question now becomes who plays in the national championship game?

Alabama Football Loses

Alabama Football Loses

If this was next year we would be talking about which 4 teams get a chance to compete for a championship. Instead, we are playing out the final year of the terrible system of old in which only 2 teams receive the opportunity to play for it all. With that said, it would appear that undefeated Florida State and undefeated Ohio State, who oh by the way also was undefeated last year but were ineligible for the BCS due to NCAA violations, have the fast track to the national championship game. Despite the great game by Auburn they did lose early in the year to LSU which leaves a blemish on their record that FSU and OSU don’t have. Either way, it should be a fun national championship game.

Alabama losing and the way the game went down was SHOCKING. Watching the final return for a touchdown almost didn’t seem real. It was one of those “is this really happening?” sports moments that define sports fans and make us keep coming back for more. It was truly epic. Although, i must admit, I wanted overtime! I wanted more of that high intensity top notch college football! Instead I had to settle for one of the most incredible finishes I have ever witness. Unreal. The only thing that could have made it better was to sprinkle in some Johnny Manziel (joking) (he is fun to watch though).

Now that Alabama has finally lost for the first in two seasons, does this mean the organization starts heading downhill or do they bounce back with a dominating bowl game victory and get right back on track next season? I am going to vote for the latter. Alabama and Coach Saban are not done being a powerhouse just yet and I feel it’s safe to assume they will be right back up there at the the top of the rankings come next season. Sports are a top priority at Alabama on a yearly basis. Until then, Alabama is left wondering what could have been if they made a few different decisions down the stretch.

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